AEL is led by a 9-member voluntary board and a senior management team of 3. We operate a 3 Year Plan which evolves directly from an ‘away day’ event of reflection, review of the previous plan before deciding on priorities for the next 3-year plan.

This review is not ‘random’ - We translate the 3 Year Plan into a Balanced Score Card (BSC) system where priorities are set as objectives and actions to be completed within specific timeframes. Objectives are also prioritised in order of importance.

1. Business Results

2. Customers & Trainees

3. Internal Processes

4. Organisation People & Growth

This system, utilising the above headings, is reviewed and updated quarterly throughout each year. This enables us to fulfil our vision as well as move forward in an agreed and structured strategic direction. Ultimately it is the Chief Executive that has responsibility for the delivery of the Company 3 Year Plan.

In addition to the BSC, AEL operates and maintains a Risk Register. The register examines potential threats to our organisation ensuring senior managers and the Board work together to reduce risk and mitigate against anything that could interfere with the delivery of our service.

Regular team meetings involving, team leaders, managers and senior managers ensure opportunities to discuss day to day issues are communicated effectively.