Our Impact

The vast majority of AEL's income is generated through our business activities. We have developed a business profile which now leads the way in terms of Social Enterprise in Northern Ireland. There are two stand-out features to our business profile: 

  1. We (AEL) can offer an unrivalled choice of ‘real’ business activity in a ‘live’ setting.
    This variation helps meet the needs of individuals whilst building a range of diverse skills and improving self-confidence.
  1. The diverse nature of our business supports the sustainability of the organisation.

Key Performance Indicators

2017 Turnover of £1.12 million
Top 14% of UK Social Enterprises
Ecommerce Sales
97% of business sales are made online
Supply Chain
10% is local
40% Increase in workforce this year
Employ Locally
59% of all employees are from Mid East Antrim
“AEL is responsible for approximately 70% of its own income generation through its business activities.”

own income gen

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We're proud of our success as a social enterprise and the success of our trainees and employees. Find out more about our success and governance below:

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